Yimeng Li

I am a CS PhD student at George Mason University, where I work on computer vision and robotics. My advisor is Prof. Jana Kosecka. I have worked on two problems, visual navigation on indoor scenes and out-of-dist object detection.

In the summer of 2020 I did an internship with Dr. Jiawei Huang at HRI, US where I worked on 3d object detection with stereo. I spent one summer at AFRL MMOI as an intern working on aerial images.

Prior to joining George Mason University, I received my B.E. in Software Engineering in 2014 from East China Normal University, Shanghai.

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I'm interested in computer vision, robotics and deep reinforcement learning. My research is about visual navigation.

Simultaneous Mapping and Target Driven Navigation
Georgios Georgakis, Yimeng Li, Jana Kosecka

With a learned grid map, the agent navigates to pre-defined target categories.

Learning View and Target Invariant Visual Servoing for Navigation
Yimeng Li, Jana Kosecka
ICRA, 2020
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Given an initial view and the goal view or an image of the target, we learn viewpoint invariant and target invariant visual servoing for mobile robot navigation.